After a long day at work, working hours past your threshold, you’re left wondering one thing: can I be more efficient?

Business owners, entrepreneurs, employees and even students want to find a way to be more efficient. No one wants to spend hours more working or studying when others are finishing at rapid speeds – and performing better. It’s discouraging.

People need to be more efficient.

CogniFlex is a scientifically-proven limitless pill. You know – the pills that give you the competitive edge. But don’t worry, there is no crashing involved.

A natural nootropic, CogniFlex works with the body naturally. You’re not pumping your body up with stimulants that make you feel great for 30 minutes before you start crashing down on a 60 MPH rollercoaster ride, wondering what in the world you were doing taking a brain pill.

What is CogniFlex?

CogniFlex Ingredients

Brain fog feels like a curse. You sit down to finish a project or study, and the next thing you know, hours have passed and you’ve accomplished next to nothing. And while you had the best intentions, you just can’t seem to focus.

Your brain is in an utter fog – you’re just existing.

Perhaps you had a fight with a good friend or you’re worried about a move. No matter the reason, brain fog will have a major impact on your life.

CogniFlex works in numerous ways to help you unlock your brain’s potential without the immense brain fog that seemingly clouds your entire existence. Three main target points are attacked with CogniFlex:

  • Focus: If you can’t focus, you’ll accomplish little in life. This nootropic wakes your brain up and allows you to think clearly. You’ll be able to focus longer and more intensely so that you can be smarter, work faster and be more efficient.
  • Energy: When you see someone in their 50s and they have more energy than a teen, it makes you cringe. How in the world can someone have so much energy? CogniFlex provides you with that jolt that allows you to stay alert and focused at night, during that important meeting, or to tackle that long hike.
  • Potential: Your brain has potential that is locked away. Through the ingredients included in CogniFlex (we’ll discuss these shortly), you’ll stimulate the NMDA receptors and neurotransmitters that are vital for memory and learning processes in the brain.

A limitless drug, you’ll find that the effects of CogniFlex build over time to allow you to experience results that get exponentially more potent.

Reasons for Brain Fog

Brain Fog Help

What’s wrong with me? Why do I have such brain fog? Do I really need to use a nootropic?

The truth is that nothing is wrong with you. That is to say that you’re like 99% of other people that simply remain in a perpetual brain fog. But it becomes an issue when you can’t get out of it to live the best life possible.

Some people may be able to retain languages, while others are math geniuses.

The difference is that something piques a person’s interest, allowing them to maintain focus and retain information. But most people can’t turn this ability on and off. And your diet also plays some role in this as well.

Brain fog is caused by a lot of things:

  • Alcohol
  • Anxiety
  • Brain injuries (duh)
  • Depression
  • Diet
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Medical issues
  • Stress

Even oversleeping can cause you to have brain fog all day long. The truth is that there are dozens of reasons for a cloudy mind.

But just because you have brain fog, outside of medical reasons, doesn’t mean you can’t tackle the problem head on.

Talk to Me About CogniFlex Ingredients

Cogniflex reviews

We’ve been able to determine that everyone has some level of brain fog. I can’t even tell you how many days of my life have been lost to brain fog – sitting in front of the television like a zombie while I was trying to study.

But CogniFlex has helped me overcome this – when I take it properly.


Specially formulated to give your brain that extra kick it needs to stay focused with the intensity of a genius, this nootropic works with your brain to bring out the best mental you possible. All of this potential is unleashed through the ingredients in CogniFlex:

  • Tyrosine: An ingredient that promotes the creation of neurotransmitters and provides you with mental alertness.
  • L-theanine: Aims to help you maintain mental focus. L-theanine prevents your brain from getting overexcited – you know those times when you lose focus over something trivial.
  • Bacopa Monnieri: Promotes cerebral blood flow while also helping improve cognitive function in the brain.
  • Rhodiola Rosea: Boosts your brain’s cognition by offering proper neurotransmission function in the brain.
  • Vinpocetine: Changes the very way that your brain uses glucose for energy. You’ll be able to increase ATP energy production, greatly boosting your brain function.
  • Huperzine A: An ingredient that promotes acetylcholinesterase. This is the enzyme that is responsible for helping the brain break down acetylcholine.

As you can see, all of these ingredients work to make your brain more efficient – and it works like a dream. But when you read Huperzine A, you’re probably scratching your head, thinking: what?

Huperzine A has been shown to boost memory and learning performance. Studied with a group of 34 people, the study indicated that this ingredient was able to boost memory and brain function, allowing the group to receive higher levels of understanding versus the placebo group.

And when you read fancy words, such as acetylcholine, it’s important to know what this actually is.

Acetylcholine is an organic chemical in the brain. This chemical also acts as a neurotransmitter. What acetylcholine does is send signals to other cells. When broken down, it will allow for improved cognitive function and energy to help you stay motivated.

Wow – that is a lot to digest.

I would recommend taking a CogniFlex pill and reading this again in 30 minutes, but that is probably premature at this point.

Using CogniFlex


When you buy nootropics, you’ll always find that there is a cumulative effect. Studies have been performed on CogniFlex that show this nootropic reaches its full potential after 4 weeks or more of usage.

But when you take this pill, you can expect the following:

  • Mental enhancement after 30 minutes have passed.
  • Increased memory function for 6 hours after you’ve taken your pill.

You can take this nootropic whenever you please, but I do recommend taking it with or after food if you have a sensitive stomach. But it is not a requirement.

If you plan on taking a physics exam, take your pill 45 minutes before the exam to allow the effects of the pill to really kick in.

You’ll immediately notice that your energy and attention levels are through the roof. Issues that you have with your mind wandering will go away very fast. Afterwards, you’ll simply want to keep motivated and taking CogniFlex whenever needed.

Daily usage is recommended if you want to reach your full potential.

And the best part? If you don’t find that this nootropic works wonders (trust me, it does), you’ll be able to send the entire bottle back for a refund. You have 30 days to return this nootropic if it doesn’t work for you.

CogniFlex Reviews and Testimonials

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What are others saying? Good question – let’s see:

  • I’m 67 years old, and I take this supplement every morning. My wife is amazed how much my memory and mental quickness has improved.
  • The product really shows its potential after taking it for 2 – 3 weeks.
  • Ronald from customer service was rude, but the product works great.

Shame on Ronald! Luckily I haven’t had to contact customer service. But one thing is for sure, you don’t want to get Ronald on the other end of the phone when calling.

The vast majority of users that have used this supplement have seen a drastic improvement in their overall mental health.

It’s important to note that you can look up every ingredient on the back of the bottle, and studies have been done (per on all of them that show they work wonders for boosting your brain function.

With that said, CogniFlex is part of my daily supplement regimen right alongside my daily multivitamin. Taking this pill daily, you’ll start to notice that your brain fog dissipates over time, and you’ll start noticing that you can remember things with ease. You’ll be able to concentrate better, and you won’t have your mind wandering all day long.


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